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the majority rejected the amendments which improve the text | Climates Changes

We found a path on the ridge , welcomed the Minister of Ecological Transition, Barbara Pompili, to the National Assembly on Monday 8 March 2021. He presented his draft climate law to committee, so vilified by environmentalists and members of the Citizens’ Convention. I don’t believe in all or nothing ecology[…] The ecological ambition is there, the spirit of the Convention is there , he assured in the face of criticism.

The deputies began examining the text on Monday 8 March in the afternoon and the fear of environmentalists immediately occurred. Many amendments tabled to improve the law were judged inadmissible and considered as legislative knights – an expression designating off-topic amendments which have nothing to do with the text studied. Of the first three legal titles, more than 10 % Of the amendments, all parts together, were therefore declared inadmissible. Or nearly 450 amendments according to the Climate Action Network

During the parliamentary debate, Laurence Maillart Mehaignerie, president of the Commission, justified this this principle of inadmissibility applied equally to all legal texts and that it wasn’t not political, only legal . There is no need to argue she added in an interview with Echoes.

However, environmental associations do not make the same observation. They denounce a move by the majority to evade the debate and create a new filter. For Friends of the Earth, MEPs are censured in their right to change key measures . In a press release, Oxfam complaint scandal which is similar to a rejection of the democratic debate and a deviation of our institutions . The Greenpeace association evokes for its part a debacle .

But what about exactly ? Reporter make the point.

The amendments on the cross-compliance of public aid, presented by 9 different groups and 90 MEPs, including members of LREM, have all been declared inadmissible. In commission, Émilie Cariou, former member ofLREM, he recalled however, the measure was consistent with the Citizens’ Convention proposal .

Amendments that aim to establish a trajectory for the reduction of CO2 for multinationals they have suffered the same fate. Those who want to increase the ambition to go from – 40 to – 55 % reduction of emissions also by 2030. While it is simply a matter of respecting the recent objectives that France has set itself. It was also not possible to discuss the amendments on ending export aid for fossil fuels.

The inadmissibility rate of the amendments by France Insoumise is of the order of 67%

Some parliamentary groups have been particularly targeted. All the amendments made by the rebellious France on water and forest were deemed inadmissible. However, they welcomed the Convention’s proposals, such as a ban on hard cuts.

Paula Forteza, former parliamentarian LREM who had joined the ephemeral parliamentary group Ecology, democracy and solidarity , he did the math. In detail, the amendments of the opposition groups are more rejected than those of the majority , he observes. The inadmissibility rate of the amendments by France Insoumise is of the order of 67 %.

There are also numerous amendments made by environmentalists Matthieu Orphelin or Delphine Batho for having been considered legislators.

However, on 25 February Barbara Pompili declared that she was doing so Reporter that he would not accept any amendment that would lower the ambition of the law . It is clear that after a first day of examination, the parliamentary majority rejects even those who could improve it.

The 150 members of the Citizens’ Convention who feel betrayed don’t want to stop there. Supported by 86 associations, they asked demonstrate on Sunday 28 March for a real climate law . The battle has just begun.

  • Source: Gaspard d’Allens for Reporter
  • Photo : Flickr


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