The return of the markets for the climate
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The return of the markets for the climate | Climates Changes

Are climate marches making a comeback? ? The latest date is 2019. Two years later, the fight for the climate has lost none of its urgency and youth, sacrificed on the Covid altar, looks gloomy. We were already saying, in 2019, that young people were ill. Today it is obvious and it is no longer just a question of the future, explains a Reporter Noé Gauchard of Youth for the climate France. The situation will worsen further if the policy falls short. It is not a question of letting go of this gloomy period: the movement is calling for a great mobilization this Friday 19 March in a forty cities. Forty organizations have joined this appeal, in particular the Student Solidarity and UNEF unions.

Faced with the turmoil, loneliness and despair of these young people, is a climate march up to the challenges? ? Some may say that this won’t help much and that it isn’t very drastic. But it was the simplest solution to bring the climate issue back to life in the public debate and to allow people to leave their homes and find each other. “, Noé Gauchard said.

Two events one week apart

The date of March 19 was not chosen by chance: it corresponds to the international mobilization of Fridays for the future – the movement conceived by Greta Thunberg – under the slogan #NoMoreEmptyPromises ( no more empty promises ). In France, this is the last day of the Climate and Resilience Act commission, whose lack of ambition is highlighted by Youth for Climate. Currently, this draft climate law, presented as a major step forward, does not provide any solution to ecological devastation – it is just a matter of “scoop” while we know that a profound change is needed in our system, especially economic , explains the request for a text of mobilization.

During the climatic walk on 21 September 2019.

This manifesto also regrets that 80 % of Citizen’s Climate Convention proposals were rejected by the government. Youth for Climate will also join the mobilization of March 28 in The real climate law supported by more than three hundred organizations.

Two demonstrations a week apart: is it not to disperse one’s forces? ? This March 19 will focus on the issues of the precariousness of young people and it is an important message to convey. The mobilization of the 28 will focus on the climate law , specifies Élodie Nace, spokesperson for Alternatiba eANVCOP21 providing logistical support for the organization this Friday. This is the last highlight of the five-year period around these questions and we need to show that the climate movement is still there. Especially since people are now making the link between how we inhabit the Earth and the pandemic. More and more people are contacting us to get involved.

Source: Laury-Anne Cholez for Reporter


. chapô: Saturday 16 March, the march of the century for the climate. © Éric Coquelin /Reporter

. Climate market sign 21 September 2019 © Jean Segura /Reporter


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