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Total, Natixis, Auchan and Casino would be the most climate-damaging French companies | Climates Changes

We are still far from the mark. Very far from the mark. A year ago, almost daily, theNGO Notre Affaire à tous published a first study on the climate supervision of twenty-five large companies in France. The discovery was alarming: none of them had developed a strategy to limit the environmental consequences associated with their activities. Twelve months later, the second report entitled Climate surveillance association is certainly no longer reassuring. Unveiled on Monday 8 March, it testifies to a deterioration of the situation and a lack of awareness.

Last year, the cumulative carbon footprint of the twenty-five multinationals studied was eight times that of France. remembers Cécilia Renaudo, general coordinator of theNGO. And it gets worse ! We have now moved up to more than eleven times higher. To properly track this carbon footprint, Notre Affaire à tous had to look at the studies of others NGO, such as Oxfam. Incomplete or even absent, the only communications from companies mentioned only about a third of their greenhouse gas emissions, thus distorting their real contribution to climate change.

Carrefour, Vinci, Renault or even Crédit Agricole … Twenty-five companies were examined in the first report. With the integration of the Bolloré group and the Casino group, there are now twenty-seven. Everyone must publish an annual supervisory plan, in accordance with the law of March 27, 2017. Based on these documents, Notre Affaire à tous then assigns a score out of 100 to each of them. Result ? The general average went from 38/100, during the first study, to 45.6 / 100. An improvement in trompe-l’oeil according to Laure Barbé, co-author of the report:

To ensure that the company complies with legal requirements and therefore that its strategy is compatible with global warming limited to 1.5 ° C, it needs all the points. Having the average is not enough in this context ! Furthermore, as our analysis is simply legal, several companies have made significant efforts on the form and way of presenting the results. This explains the increase in the average, but it does not mean that they act more in favor of the climate. On the contrary, on the merits, there has been no change, not even a regression.

On the podium of the worst students, this year the oil giant Total (22.5 / 100), the bank Natixis (25/100) and the large distribution Auchan and Casino at par (30/100) enthroned. With its carbon neutrality trajectory, industrialist Schneider Electric is doing less badly with 75 points. But, like last year, no company has achieved full marks. Notre Affaire à tous then sent each of the twenty-seven leaders a letter of inquiry, recalling the need to fulfill their legal obligations.

If the first report was a preventive round, theNGO now he says he is ready to lead this fight in court. Litigation is already under consideration and the financial sector is of particular interest.

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