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Underwear Made From Bamboo

It is refreshing to note that most people are now paying attention to the appeal of saving Mother Earth. And what is more inspiring that these people include celebrities who have the power to influence and be a model of the green revolution. One drive in this advocacy is the latest fashion trend today – lingerie made from bamboo!

Hollywood celebrity Rachel McAdams recently joined A-list stars in pledging support to the green venture. And as part of her campaign, she is giving approval to donning bamboo lingerie. The Notebook actress was quoted saying that sexy green is by using these eco-friendly products in everyday life. And in one interview with a magazine, she also shared that she now sticks to things that matter like not having to spend with material things that she does not really need and instead, spends her money on meals, travel and experiences. She also adds that helping Mother Earth can also come with little things like turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth. In addition to these simple things, she also launched a website – The site’s aim is to raise awareness regarding the benefits of sporting green underwear aside from saving the environment.

According to reports, donning bamboo underwear can give you many benefits. The product is made from eco-friendly bamboo which is biodegradable. And since bamboo is of abundance, this product is cost-efficient. Donning this lingerie is also good to allergy sufferers as this is safe in terms of chemicals processing, and this non-toxic property is the reason why green lingerie is creating waves in the fashion industry.

Bamboo lingerie is the newest addition to bamboo’s ingenuity. It can be remembered that just early this year, bamboo is also the main material in eco-friendly cars and bicycle. And on top of it all, bamboo is also known as good materials in making houses in tropical countries, as well as those beautiful cottages in Asian resorts. This amazing plant can also be made into cookware, using traditional Asian kitchen secrets.

Aside from these remarkable products that can be made using bamboo, you can even complete the whole vibe in being eco-friendly by using bamboo candles that are organic candles. This only goes to show that we can live in a beautiful place without compromising Mother Nature. Join the likes of Rachel McAdams and go green! This is definitely a good way to help have a green future.

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