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What Are The Essential Parts Of A Leader’s SYSTEM?

Why do, such a small percentage of those, who, either, are elected, selected, and/ or, ascend to positions of leadership, actually, become meaningful, real, effective leaders? It takes a variety of well – developed, relevant skills, abilities, goals, and priorities, combined with a positive, can – do, attitude, to maintain the consistent degree of demanding one’s utmost, genuine excellence, and necessary endurance, to make a difference, for the better! With these prerequisites, it becomes possible to perceive and conceive of, create, and develop/ institute, the type of SYSTEM, which optimizes the possibilities, of bringing these necessities, to fruition! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters.

1. Service; source; stronger/ strengths: It is incumbent upon a real leader, to provide the finest service, and representation, to his group, and its stakeholders! True leaders become the source of making his organization, stronger, and must effectively use his strengths, to achieve maximum results!

2. You!: If you hope to make any type of significant changes, for the better, you can’t pass – the – buck, but must be ready, willing, and able to assume personal responsibility! In other words, it’s always, up – to you!

3. Solutions; sustainable: Empty promises, rhetoric, and well – considered ideas, which lack, pragmatism, are not leading! Rather, a great leader must introduce meaningful, viable solutions, based, on far – more, than, merely, populism, or just, currently, relevant, but, also must focus on the future, and the ramifications, of everything, he does, in a truly, sustainable manner!

4. Timely; time – tested; trends; trust: Even the greatest ideas, will be ineffective, unless/ until, one earns the trust of those he serves and represents, not, because of his rhetoric, but, rather his actions, and absolute integrity! It is essential to avoid procrastination, but, rather, proceed, in a well – considered, timely way! Wise leaders fully – understand, and learn essential lessons, from the past, in order to gain experience, expertise, and hopefully, judgment and wisdom, so they might take advantage of time – tested approaches, and concepts, etc.

5. Empathy; efforts; excellence; endurance; energy/ energize: You’ll only understand, what your constituents want, prioritize, and perceive, if you effectively listen, and learn, from every conversation, and experience, and proceed, consistently, with the utmost degree of genuine empathy, and put your efforts, in that direction! Good – enough, is unacceptable, but, rather, a great leader must demand his utmost degree of personal excellence. Since, there are usually, obstacles, thrust in one’s path, significant endurance is necessary, and needed, and a realization, only, the highest degree of personal energy, will energize the group, to become the best, it can be!

6. Make mark; motivate; meaningful; mention; mean it: Instead of empty platitudes, and rhetoric, one must mean, what he says, and seek to make his mark, for the better! In order to motivate others, he must introduce, meaningful ideas, and, realize, the best way, to attract followers, is to mention, each, and everything, they do, for the common good!

If you hope to lead, effectively, focus on creating the best possible SYSTEM! Will you have, what it takes, to achieve this?

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