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What Fabrics Are Used to Make Scrubs?

Its important to carefully choose the fabric your clothing is made of. Your choice affects the look, comfort, and durability of what you wear. The choice of fabrics becomes even more important in the case of scrubs that are worn by nurses, surgeons and other operating room staff. These must be comfortable yet durable; stylish yet practical.

Today’s medical scrubs are made from fabrics like cotton, poplin and polyester. Most are derived from a blend of various fabrics. When selecting scrubs and comparing prices, remember that you’re buying clothing that requires great durability. Make sure of its quality so that the fabric allows you to be comfortable during long work hours.

Among the fabrics used in scrubs, cotton remains the finest material. Many doctors and nurses look for scrubs made of 100 percent cotton. This is understandable since the greater the amount of the cotton in the blend, the softer and more comfortable the scrubs will be.

Aside from being soft and comfortable, fabrics made from cotton are also durable, weather resistant, absorbent, easily washed and dried, flame resistant and hypoallergenic. The downside is that cotton wrinkles easily – the reason why some garments are mixed with polyester to prevent wrinkling.

However, scrubs were not designed solely for comfort. They have an important function, too. They reduce contamination and help maintain a healthy and sterile environment. Because of this, many scrubs are made from fabrics that hide stains and absorb fluids.

Makers of scrubs who incorporate a wide range of fabrics and styles into their designs are gaining acceptance. Lively designs are becoming more popular. While pure cotton, cotton and polyester mixes and other blends are traditional favorites, new micro-fiber materials are also being used because they are lightweight and super absorbent.

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