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What Is a HDPE Spinning Can Made Up of

HDPE Spinning Can is an important component in Textile Spinning Industry.It is used to store Sliver in the process of Cotton transformation to Thread.Spinning Can is used as a Storage and Movement Tool in the entire process.The sliver cans manufactured for the spinning industry are used in every stage of cotton yarn production.To ensure a long functional life of the sliver cans as well as increase their productivity,it is important to take special care of the spares and accessories that are fitted to the sliver cans.Cotton manufacturing is mostly done in the developing and third world countries.This cotton is prepared for threads/wools and other similar textile products.There are several components in the entire construct of a Spinning Can.The primary sheet used in manufacturing the can is Virgin High-Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) sheet.The can is given a double coating of HDPE sheet in the bottom for shock absorbing and strength purposes.This is the primary reason for the naming of HDPE Spinning Can. The can is covered at the base with Galvanized MS sheet with minimum 80 mm gsm coating.Stainless Steel of 304 grade is used in the rims at both the edges of the HDPE Sheet.Spring Steel Wire of Grade II & III is given at the core of the can as the main load bearer of the Sliver.This spring is covered with Top & Bottom Covers made of Poly Propylene Co-Polymer ( PPCP).The Cans run on Caster Wheels that allows smooth movement of the HDPE Spinning Can from one place to another.These caster wheels are made of Polypropylene (PP) & Nylon 6.Rolling & Ball bearings are also used for Caster Wheels to add the extra motion.The entire construct of an HDPE Spinning can make it stronger and smarter for its proper utilization in the sliver industry.Spinning Cans are available in several colours.This is mainly because the HDPE sheet that is used in making these cans are available in several colours of your choice. Jumac -one of the top manufacturers of HDPE Spinning Can offer cans in 30+ normal colours and several Pastel shades.

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