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Where to Land in Kerala If You Are Coming As a Tourist?

Kerala is a little state towards the southern tip of India. The state is very beautiful and attracts many people around the world to visit the state. There are many naturally scenic spots in the state and captioned as God’s own Country. Tourism is one of the major income sources for the state and the tourism department is steadily marketing Kerala to the European market.

You get to know about the different destinations in Kerala and often get stuck to questions about where to select as the point of entry to the state. Kerala has mainly 3 Airports namely Kozhikode (Calicut), Kochi (Cochin) and Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum). Geographically Kerala is lengthier and has a small width. Search for map of Kerala and you can find this. Calicut is towards north, Cochin in the center and Trivandrum towards south. Calicut and Trivandrum are less busy airports compared to Cochin and has less connectivity to major cities. Cochin at the same time is the commercial hub of Kerala and thus the airport at Cochin is busy comparatively. In that case Cochin is the most preferred airport for most tourists arriving at Kerala. Cochin airport has more flights operating to international destinations.

There are other reasons too why people prefer to land in Cochin. The historic fort Cochin is just 50 Kilometers from the airport and many other places of interest are also close to Cochin. The backwaters of Alleppey and Kumarakom are also very much around. The beach of Cherai is Just 30 Kilometers from the Airport. Cochin has centuries old history and tradition. what you don’t find in Cochin is famous temples. Ernakulam is the name of the market place in Cochin; it is best place for shopping textiles and jewelry. Ernakulam is a city associated to Cochin; it is a major commercial hub and this city is on the banks of the backwaters. You can find branches of international banks, currency exchange, and other requirements of travellers. The cultural capital of Kerala, Trissur is just 50 Kilometers from the Cochin airport, and Guruvayoor the famous pilgrim center for Hindus is just 13 Kilometers from Trissur. This airport is the most closest to Munnar [150 Kilometers] andThekkady[180 Kilometers] which are major tourist destinations in Kerala. Munnar is famous for its climate and tea plantations and Thekkady is where the Periyar wild life sanctuary is situated.

Calicut airport is not well connected with major cities. Even though Calicut is a major city in Kerala the major international flights that operate are to the middle east countries. It is because many people in northern Kerala work in Middle East countries. So the Calicut airport is mainly used by Nonresident Indians who work in the middle east. If you are looking for Wayanad and Kannur then this airport woule be the best place to land geographically.

Trivandrum is the capital city of Kerala and is where all the major government offices are. Kovalam beach one of the major beach in the international tourist map is just 13 kilo meters from Trivandrum airport. Trivadrum city is a good place for shopping and you can find many old temples and museums in Trivandrum. Kanyakumari the tip of india is just 100 Kilometers from this airport. Most charters come to Trivandrum during the tourist season concentrating the Kovalam Beach. Even though it is the capital city flight connectivity is not better than cochin but it is far better than Calicut. Kollam is the closest backwater from Trivandrum, which is just 60 Kilometers. There is a small hill station called Ponnmudi near to Trivandrum where you can find old British styled bungalows [out] and tea plantations.

Kerala has a very extensive rail and road network, you can find railway stations in almost all towns and bus stations in every towns of Kerala. Trains are operated by the Indian railways and buses are operated by both government and private agencies. The most common bus network is by Kerala road transport corporation. Trains and buses are cheaper compared to taxis and cabs. For long journey trains are suggested. Air conditioned coaches available in train. There are no much air-conditioned buses available. There are no train available to the Ghats, so one would need to depend on either bus or cabs to travel to the hills of Kerala [out]. Auto richaws, the three wheeled small vehicles are availale for public. These rickshaws can be availed for local travel, saw below 10 kilometers. They are comparatively expensive when compared with other transportation options.

You can always contact the tourist information centers to get specific information about travelling in Kerala. These offices are situated at the city centers, major railway stations and tourist destinations. These information centers are run by the government of Kerala.

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