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Why All the Dispassion About Environmental Issues by Business People?

There are many folks who take environmental issues so seriously, that they go out of their way to tell people of their passion for our eco-system. Every once in a while when someone shows me a passionate outburst for our environment, I just roll my eyes. Why you ask?

Well, for a couple of reasons, I see many companies that claim to be green, but in name only. I see many citizens who claim to be environmentally conscious and yet, do little more than recycle and probably only do that because someone provided them with colorful trash receptacles. Hey, don’t laugh, I am serious.

Regarding being dispassionate myself at times, let me tell you why. I have over the years worked hard to make our companies “pollution-free” and have gone out of my way, spent lots of money on R and D. Yet, I found myself constantly attacked by competitors, “environmentalists” and government environmental regulators. So, after a while it gets old and many entrepreneurs become less passionate.

The issue becomes; “why should I do good in the world if no one else cares and I am attacked for doing so?” The answer of course, is because it’s the right thing to do, still if you have to take hits for it, you can see that it takes strong will to not just say; “oh forget it!”

It’s like that old saying; “No good deed, goes unpunished.” Too often environmentalists are hypocrites and those accused of being demons are actually going out of their way to innovate, solve problems and really clean the air and water. Think on this.

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