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Your Energy On Court

Top tennis players know how to harness and direct their energy on court.

This starts by doing things with a more focused and concentrated effort, notice how much of your energy is wasted and stop letting things upset you in practice.

Playing your best tennis will be hard enough, because of the stress that comes with playing the game. This relates to how you react to mistakes and errors during play.

The emotion and energy you use after a mistake, will determine how much energy you can keep in your reserve tank, so focus on the next point.

Never forget the most important point is the next one, you have to keep repeating that to yourself, try to drive that home in your mind.

Your energy needs to be focused when you are under pressure in match play, by being aware your energy over and over again, you will develop the ability to stay calm on big points.

All great tennis players play the big points better than the average players, they play them fearless and with all out effort.

Thought is energy, so never waste your energy on destructive thoughts.

The best way to deal with negativity is to ignore it and avoid it as best you can, now if they do get to you in practice or in matches, let it go by breathing deeply and refocusing on the next point.

The goal here is to be able to give maximum all your efforts on court, by conserving your energy more.

If you don’t react and just breath deeply, you can use that same energy to make it work for you!

This is another example of how we are our own worst enemy, because we waste nearly 80% of our energy on little things and negative thoughts during play, which is call the “struggle game”.

Here is the good news, you can change this in 21 days by learning to how use your energy to work for you, from today focus on playing hard on every point, then LET IT GO of it after you play it.

Make sure you don’t start the next point until you are mentally ready to play it.

What’s next?

Then focus on the next point with every ounce of ENERGY that you have.

Mentally BE THERE!

Try to practice like this way for one whole day, then a week, after that, go for 1 month, you should feel your mental game transforming after a month of doing this.

The message here is simple,,

We must control our energy at all cost!

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